Coal Transport - Slurry Pipeline May be Answer for Mount Klappan

British Columbia - Fortune Minerals has been studying the use of a slurry pipeline to move clean coal from the Mount Klappan anthracite mine to the ports of Stewart and Prince Rupert, B.C. And it looks to be a cost-effective alternative to truck or rail haulage.

According to the scoping study report, such a pipeline may reduce operating costs by as much as 34%, says the company. For example, the study estimates operating costs of $23.89/tonne involving truck transportation to the port of Stewart compared with $15.75/tonne using a slurry pipeline to the same destination. The project is located 160 km northwest of Stewart.

Such a pipeline to Steward might cost $245 million if it had an annual capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, or $308 million with a 3.0-million t/y capacity.

Fortune Minerals is seeking joint venture partners for the Mount Klappan project. See also