RWL Water designs, manufactures, and commissions advanced ultra pure water solutions using electrode ionization technologies.

Our water treatment experts can create a tailor-made ultrapure water system for clients using industry-proven continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) water treatment technologies. These solutions, which meet stringent industry standards, are capable of providing reliable, chemical-free operation. They also deliver users a continuous supply of high-quality water with a resistivity of up to 16 Mohm/cm, that is, <0.1 ĶS/cm.

The design of individual systems is based on a range of factors, including the specific characteristics of the areaís available feed water, as well as the quality requirements for the desired final product, and whether the water is destined to be used as an ingredient in a food product or as process water or make-up water for high pressure steam generators in power plants.

By choosing electrodeionization technology for demineralized water production, customers gain several operational advantages. First, this water treatment process eliminates the use of regeneration chemicals. This alone has made it a popular option since it was first introduced about two decades ago. The process, which combines electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, has been widely adopted for producing ultrapure water because it is energy-efficient.

Electrodeionization eliminates the need for a user to employ wastewater generation or treatment, and it delivers a consistently high-quality permeate or pure water product to users. Also, facilities have a small footprint.

Ultrapure Water Solutions Across a Range of Industries

Typical ultrapure water containerized system with a capacity of 20 m/3 hour

Typical ultrapure water containerized system with a capacity of 20 m/3 hour

A wide variety of industries use electrodeionization, from semiconductor and chemical manufacturing to food and beverage production and combined cycled power plants and gas turbines. It also is a popular option for water-treatment businesses and industries that rely on steam generation.

A typical RWL Water containerized ultrapure water system with a capacity of producing 20 cubic meters per hour uses several technologies, including:

For housing, clients may choose between containerized or skid-mounted systems.

Providing Israeli Utility With Demineralized Water

The Israel Electric Company, which chose to convert some of its inland power generation stations to use natural gas, needed a high-quality source of demineralized water to generate steam for the high-pressure boilers and inject UPW in their gas turbines for NOx reduction in its combined-cycle power stations.

RWL Water helped the utility devise a containerized solution to meet its specific ultrapure water quality needs. The primary parameter was to provide water with a 10 Mohm/cm resistivity.

This particular system consists of several technologies. The first is a media filtration unit able to remove any residual turbidity and suspended solids present in the raw water. This step also includes treatments such as alum dosing and prechlorination. Then, activated carbon filtration is used to remove any organic material before dechlorination. The chemical pretreatment step includes pH adjustment and antiscalant dosing. The water then passes through a 5-micron cartridge filtration unit. The water then is passed twice through reverse osmosis units before passing through gas-transfer membranes that remove carbon dioxide from the reverse osmosis permeate.

Each ultrapure water treatment system was built using two 40-foot-high cube containers. The first houses media prefiltration, activated carbon, chemical pretreatment, and the 5-micron cartridge filtration units. The second contains a skid-mounted, double-pass reverse osmosis unit, the gas-transfer membranes, and a skid-mounted electrodeionization unit. It also houses the power supply, as well as the systemís electrical and control panels and HMI computer station. This compact design allows the system to be easily installed and maintained by the utility.

Decades of Ultrapure Water Expertise

All RWL Water ultrapure water technologies are engineered to match your unique water treatment challenges. Our equipment is ruggedly built, specifically designed to provide users with extended, trouble-free operation.

Let our technical experts assist you in the proper sizing, layout, and operation of your ultrapure water system. From design to financing, whether itís a turnkey water demineralization system or an advanced water electrodeionization facility, RWL Water is committed to supplying water treatment wherever it is needed.