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This bi-weekly Thermal/Catalytic Insights provide excerpts from the McIlvaine Thermal/Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets.  It also provides excerpts from related publications. The market report provides the latest forecasts, market shares and insights relative to technology and opportunities. 


·       Environmental Catalyst Market to Exceed $7.9 Billion In 2015

·       GDP Update Headlines - July 2014

·       Oil & Gas Sales Leads Headlines - August 15, 2014

·       World Municipal Wastewater Monthly Projects Update Headlines - July 2014




Environmental Catalyst Market to Exceed $7.9 Billion In 2015

Sales of environmental catalysts will exceed $7.9 billion in 2015.  This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company by aggregating forecasts in two separate reports which it publishes.  (


Catalyst Revenues In 2015 For Environmental Applications


$ Millions

Stationary-Catalyst For VOCs and Organic HAPS


Stationary –NOx Catalyst


Mobile Catalyst





Sales of mobile catalysts will far exceed those for stationary source applications.  Catalysts for VOC and organic hazardous air pollutants are utilized in catalytic oxidizers in the chemical, oil and gas, remediation and other industries.  Stationary NOx catalysts are primarily used in power plants. However, chemical plants, refineries and municipal waste combustion facilities also utilize these catalysts to reduce NOx to N2.

Both light duty and heavy duty automobiles and trucks use catalysts for organics and increasingly NOx reduction.  The large increase in vehicle use in Asia is a major factor in the relatively high growth rate for mobile catalyst sales.

A negative factor is the increasing popularity of natural gas and even LNG for vehicles. With large quantities of shale gas available in the U.S., there is an economic justification for natural gas use in trucks and other large vehicles.

The massive program to convert coal to gas in China will make gas an attractive mobile fuel.

The stationary NOx catalyst market is growing at 7 percent per year. The main driver is the decision by Chinese power plants to incorporate selective catalytic reduction on most coal-fired boilers.

Information on the VOCs and mobile catalyst is found in N007 Thermal Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets.

The information on stationary NOx catalyst is found at N035 NOx Control World Market.




 JULY 2014











United States

The latest data shows the U.S. economy contracted significantly more than previously estimated in the first quarter of this year.


The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its third and final estimate of real gross domestic product for the first three months of 2014. The release showed output in the U.S. declining at an annual rate of 2.9%. This is relative to fourth quarter 2013, when real GDP grew 2.6%.


The final number is also down from BEA’s negative 1% second estimate released last month and even more sharply from its first estimate that showed GDP growing 0.1%. While this makes Q1 the economy’s worst since Q1 2009, the heart of the recession, economists were anticipating the further downward revision.


“The bad weather in much of the U.S. in early 2014 was a significant drag on the economy, disrupting production, construction, and shipments, and deterring home and auto sales,” wrote PNC Senior Economist Gus Faucher in a note out prior to the release. “But data show growth rebounding in the second quarter, with improvements in home and auto sales and residential construction.”


The major stock indices slipped into the red as the opening bell approached but quickly returned to positive territory. This seems to indicate that investors were also writing off the contraction as temporary.


In an interview following the release Stephen Auth, Chief Investment Officer at Federated Investors, called the revision “pretty incredible” but says that underlying trends have shown improvement that has simply been “masked” by the weather. He expects second quarter GDP growth to come in north of 4% and continual market gains.


The revision, BEA explained in a release, was largely due to a smaller than previously estimated increase in personal consumption and larger than previously estimated decline in exports. The 2.9% decrease in real GDP reflected the negative contribution from exports as well as declines in private inventory investment, both residential and nonresidential, fixed investment and lower local government spending. The rate was also negatively impacted by an increase in imports but partially offset by an increase in federal government spending (the first in a year and a half) and in personal consumption. (The remaining text is not included in this sample.)





1)  HSBC raised its 2014 GDP forecast from 7.4% to 7.5%, surprised by the strong recovery especially in June. Monthly fixed asset investment and industrial production grew by 17.9% and 9.2% respectively, compared with 16.9% and 8.8% in May.


The strong recovery was largely driven by government policies. State-owned bank lending picked up strongly; fiscal spending grew by almost 25% in both May and June, up from an average of 8% from January through April. HSBC believes China’s GDP growth could exceed its 7.5% forecast if more easing comes over the next few months. “Policies, particularly fiscal policy, will likely be more supportive in 2H as it is traditionally the spending season,” wrote HSBC economists Qu Hongbin and Julia Wang.


China’s property sector continues to be the main downside risk, says HSBC, but “our baseline case remains that policymakers can offset the negative impact given that they have a broad range of policy tools at their disposal.”


In June, property prices in 55 out of 70 cities surveyed fell, up from 35 cities in May and just 8 in April. Local governments have been taking steps to prop up real estate markets, using measures such as abolishing local resident purchase requirements. (The remaining text is not included in this sample.)





German gross domestic product stalled in the second quarter as geopolitical concerns weighed on industrial output and construction weakened after a weather-induced boom in the first three months of the year, the Bundesbank said.


The warning, contained in the central bank's monthly bulletin, is an indication that the euro zone will struggle to improve on the first quarter's meager growth rate.


Germany accounts for about 30% of the bloc's GDP. During the first quarter, euro zone GDP expanded just 0.8% at an annualized rate, or 0.2% on a quarterly basis, despite annualized growth of 3.3% in Germany. Excluding Europe's largest economy, the euro zone economy will have contracted slightly in the first quarter.


"Considering that the service sector is likely continued to expand, the real, adjusted gross domestic product (in Germany) was likely unchanged from the first quarter," the Bundesbank said. "Geopolitical tensions are reflected not only in weaker future indicator surveys, but also in ebbing demand for interim goods." (The remaining text is not included in this sample.)



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August 15, 2014


Treatment chemicals are an important addition to most oil and gas processes. Access to details on worldwide oil and gas projects is provided at a substantial discount to Thermal/Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets subscribers.

(Listed by most current date.)


Saipem Awarded $750 Mln Engineering & Construction and Drilling Contracts  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

WorleyParsons Awarded $11.7 Bln EPCM Contract for TANAP Pipeline  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

GSA Wins EPCM Contract at Wingas Facility  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

Subsea 7 Awarded $460 Mln EPIC Contract in North Sea  (  Dated: 8/15/2014)

Petrofac Awarded the $970 Mln Reggane North Development Project  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

Mexico Needs New Crude Markets as U.S Shale Boom Changes Outlook  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

Marathon Oil Announces $2.7 Bn Sale of Norway Business  (Article Dated: 8/15/2014)

UOP to Supply Gas Processing Plant for PennTex’s Louisiana NGL Recovery  (Article Dated: 8/14/2014)

Entergy to Power PennTex Natural Gas Facility in North Louisiana  (Article Dated: 8/14/2014)

Hess Corp, North Dakota Officials Celebrate Expansion of Tioga Gas Plant  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

JDR Cable Systems to Open New Service and Maintenance Facility in Brazil  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Petrobras Turns to Chinese Shipyards to Offset Production Delays  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Petrobras Starts Production at Presalt Lula Well Using New Riser Support System  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Aker Wins Petrobras $300 Mln Deepsea Manifold Contract  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Lucid Energy Begins Construction of Permian Basin 200 MMcf/day Cryogenic Processing Plant  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Saipem Awarded $4 Bln in E&C Contracts in Brazil and Saudi Arabia  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Aggreko Signs Contract to Power Egypt Gas Project  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Petrobras Starts Production on Platform P-62 in the Campos Basin’s Roncador Field  (Article Dated: 8/13/2014)

Mexico’s CFE Begins Tender Process for Two Gas Pipeline Projects  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Coal and Gas Valve Markets are Interdependent  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Chinese Coal-to-Liquids and Gas Program Could Completely Change the World Energy Markets  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Mexico's CFE to Invite Bids for Five Natural Gas Pipelines Requiring $2.25 Bln investment  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Energy Transfer Partners to Build Pipes to Take Natural Gas to Mexican Power Plants  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Petrobras Receives New Maintenance and Safety Units in Campos Basin  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Brazil Energy Official Says Oil and Gas Market Welcomes Chinese Investment  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Pemex Awards Multi-year Seismic Survey Contract to GX Technology  (Article Dated: 8/12/2014)

Mexico Calls On GE to Modernize Oil Production  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

Mexico's Subsurface Presents New E&P Opportunities  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

Amendment Opens Mexican Oil and Gas Fields to Foreign and Private Investment  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

AMEC Granted a Five-year Contract with Kuwait Oil Company  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

CSM Orders Two Jack-up Rigs from Chinese Offshore Rig Builder  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

Canada Set to Provide India with Tools for Shale Gas Exploration  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

Natural Gas-eating Bacteria may Help Fight Oil Leaks  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

OriginOil Announces CLEAN-FRAC for Complete Frack Water Treatment  (Article Dated: 8/11/2014)

After 4 Years, Major Cleanup on the Kalamazoo River Coming to a Close  (Article Dated: 8/8/2014)

Asset integrity Specialists add energy Awarded Shell Contracts  (Article Dated: 8/8/2014)

Linde Expert Discusses how Energized Solutions Increases Productivity/Reduce Water Use in Hydraulic Fracturing  (Article Dated: 8/8/2014)

Valerus Awarded LPG Gas Processing Facility for Indonesia’s PT Maruta Bumi Prima (MBP)  (Article Dated: 8/8/2014)

Bitumen-only Trains Expand Reach of Oil Sands  (Article Dated: 8/8/2014)

Sunshine Sells Oilsands Assets to Raise $20 Mln  (Article Dated: 8/7/2014)

SK Innovation Accelerating Development of Non-conventional Natural Resources  (Article Dated: 8/7/2014)

Thai Energy Producer PTTEP Invests in Oilsands Tech Firm  (Article Dated: 8/7/2014)

Osum Buys Shell Alberta Oil Sands Project for $297 Mln  (Article Dated: 8/7/2014)

Energy Deals Rebound in 2014 as Shale Plays Surpass Oil Sands  (Article Dated: 8/7/2014)

Pipeline Dilemma Creates New Issues for Canada’s Oil Sands  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

CEO Jeff Immelt Says General Electric Wants to Clean Up Oil Sands  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

GE, Suncor $18 Mln in Technology Deals Could Help Reduce Oil Sands Emissions  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

TransCanada Receives Regulatory Approval for Northern Courier  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

Primrose Oil Sands Review Says CNRL Procedures Cause of Leak  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

Tar Sands Expansion Cools Down without Keystone XL  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

Cenovus Profit Triples as Oil Sands Production Increases  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

PetroChina to Seal Takeover of Athabasca Oil Sands Project by September  (Article Dated: 8/6/2014)

MasTec Expands Canadian Oil Sands Presence with Acquisition of Pacer Construction  (Article Dated: 8/5/2014)

Sinopec may Shelve Northern Lights Oil Sands Lease  (Article Dated: 8/5/2014)

GE Launches Global Ecomagination Innovation Challenge to Reduce Oil Sands GHG Emissions  (Article Dated: 8/5/2014)

Rising Demand and Low-cost Feed Spur Ethylene Capacity Growth  (Article Dated: 8/4/2014)

MHI Receives Order for Large-Scale Polyethylene Plant Project in TX from ExxonMobil Chemical  (Article Dated: 8/4/2014)

Chevron Phillips Chemical to Expand Alpha Olefins Capacity at Cedar Bayou Plant  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

Bechtel-Linde Consortium to Build Large-Scale Ethylene Plant at Baytown Complex  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

CB&I Wins Contract for Oman MTBE Unit  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

India Approves Refining Complex in Barmer  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

Angarsk Petrochemical Company Launches Euro 5 Fuel  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

Praxair Signs Long-term Supply Agreement and Builds Presence in China Petrochemical Park  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

CB&I Wins Contract for Oman MTBE Unit  (Article Dated: 8/1/2014)

Petrochemical Expansion to Drive Growth of Reliance for Next Few Years  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

Iran to Allocate $2 Bln to Petchem Projects  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

China Broadens Energy Options with Efficiency Drive  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

Tesoro Plans to Boost Xylene Recovery at U.S. West Coast  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

Egypt’s Petroleum Ministry Proposes Petrochemical Projects worth $540 Mln to UAE  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

Petrochemical Facility to Open in Iran’s Mazandaran Province  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

CB&I Announces $50 Mln Award in Oman for Heaters and Steam Reformer  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)Sadara Lets Contract for Jubail Petrochemical Complex to Rolta India  (Article Dated: 7/31/2014)

Ineos Secures Loan Guarantee for Grangemouth Upgrade  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

U.S. Specialty Chemicals Leader Renews Plant Services Contract with CB&I  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Construction of China MDI Plant Breaks Ground  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Argus says U.S. to Become Net Propylene Exporter by 2017  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Saudi's Ma'aden Signs $5 Bln Financing for Phosphate Scheme  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Chinese Firm,Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Makes $1.85 Bln Capital Investment in Louisiana Methanol Plant  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Asian Petrochemicals  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Ineos Buys Out BASF for Full Control of Styrolution JV  (Article Dated: 7/30/2014)

Japan's Showa Denko Halts Naphtha Cracker after Compressor Problem  (Article Dated: 7/29/2014)

German Chemical Industry Confirms Outlook for Growth  (Article Dated: 7/29/2014)

Mexichem to Operate $650 Mln Cogeneration Plant for Pemex  (Article Dated: 7/29/2014)

Plastics Producer SABIC Agrees to Reduce Harmful Air Pollution  (Article Dated: 7/29/2014)

SABIC, SK Global Chemical Enter $595 Mln JV to Manufacture High-performance Polyethylene Products  (Article Dated: 7/29/2014)

INEOS Innovene™ S Process Selected for New Petrochemical Complex in Turkmenistan  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

Univar Breaks Ground on New Oil and Gas Facility in Elmendorf, TX  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

UOP Technology Selected for Propylene in Southeast Asia  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

Ineos-Sasol JV Decides to Build Texas HDPE Plant  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

Koch Industries Rides U.S. Shale Boom with $2.1 Bln PetroLogistics Buy  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

Dow Chemical Sees Competitive Disadvantage for European Rivals Due to Shale Gas Extraction  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

Turkmenistan to Invest $10 Bln in Kiyanly Petrochemicals Project  (Article Dated: 7/28/2014)

BASF and Yara to Build Ammonia Plant in Freeport, TX  (Article Dated: 7/25/2014)

RDIF to Invest $700 Mn in Ust-Luga Terminal  (Article Dated: 7/25/2014)

Persian Gulf Petrochem Company Offers to Build NGL Plants  (Article Dated: 7/25/2014)

SABIC and Korea’s SK Global Sign $595 Mln JV Agreement  (Article Dated: 7/25/2014)

Jacobs Wins Engineering Package from Borealis on Belgium Chemical Sites  (Article Dated: 7/25/2014)

SABIC Plans Crude-to-chemicals Facility in Saudi Arabia  (Article Dated: 7/24/2014)

Bechtel Completes Installation of Modules for LNG Train at Curtis Island GLNG Facility  (Article Dated: 7/21/2014)

China Huaneng's Changji SNG Plant One of Many More Approvals in 2013  (Project Dated: 7/18/2014)


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World Municipal Wastewater Monthly Projects Update Headlines

July 2014


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