Mcilvaine Insights


No. 42   December 5, 2017


Weekly selected highlights in flow control, treatment and combustion from the many McIlvaine publications.

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Here is our latest news:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Power Plant Environmental Technology Interconnection will expand Wisdom

Gas Turbine Operators will spend $2.9 billion for Valves Next Year

Forty Percent of Flow and Treat Products for Desalination will be Purchased by Just Forty Companies Next Year

Pursuing the $25 Billion Hot Gas Air Pollution Market in the New IIoT Environment

Build Sales Strategy Around Top Global Prospects

Navigating the New Market Route for High Performance Products and Services

Two Thousand Companies make or influence most of the Pump Purchases

Five Companies will be Responsible for 39 Percent of the Combust, Flow and Treat Purchases in the Nuclear Power Sector Next Year

Flow and Treat Purchases by U.S. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators will exceed $13 billion this Year

A New Route to Market for Combust, Flow and Treat Companies

The Role of Engineering Design Firms in Coal-fired Power Generation

The IIoT and Remote O&M Segment of Renewable Energy is Growing Faster than the Industry

Pharmaceutical Membrane Cartridge Market to Exceed $1.2 billion Next Year

FGD Purchases of $19 billion are Being Determined by Only a Few Thousand People

550 Companies will spend $5 Billion for Sedimentation and Centrifugation Equipment

Grab a Bigger Slice of the Combust, Flow and Treat Market Pie

Coal-fired Power Plants will spend over $1.3 Billion for Analyzers in 2018

Liquid, Powder and Gas Analyzer Market Forecasts for 550 Purchasers


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