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No. 208   August 18, 2022


·        Market Share Analyses When You Need Them

·        Acquisition Database on Pumps Now Available

·        There is a Positive ESG Story for AWE Companies

·        Buy Kleenex to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

·        Sequestration is Not a Major Problem


Market Share Analyses When You Need Them

Management, sales, and technology developers have occasional needs for immediately available market share analyses. As you can see from the 21 percentages for Emerson Valve, using a tree analogy we start with the trunk shares and can add the branch and leaf. We are analyzing the whole orchard to provide the necessary insights for any one tree.

Niche Market Share Analyses Provide Unique Insights


Acquisition Database on Pumps Now Available

The McIlvaine Pumps: World Markets now has an acquisition database extending from 2004 to the present with continuing updates. Similar databases are available for other products. For a company such as Ingersoll Rand the acquisition strategy has leveraged the synergy of pumps, valves, compressors and digital intelligence.

Ingersoll Rand Inc has acquired Holtec Gas Systems LLC, Shanghai Hanye Air Purifying Technology Co., Ltd, and Hydro Prokav Pumps (India) Private Limited for a combined cash purchase price of approximately $35 million.

Earlier this month it purchased Maximus Solutions, a digital controls provider for CAD $135 million. At the end of 2021 it purchased Tuthill Pumps. This follows the purchase of Seepex the global #2 specialist in progressive, cavity pump technology.

There is a Positive ESG Story for AWE Companies

AWE companies are making lots of progress in reducing energy consumption. These achievements are documented in their ESG reports. But this approach is to say, “we are not beating our wives that often anymore”.  Improving life quality is really what ESG is all about.  

McIlvaine has a novel metric based on life quality. It provides a way to measure life quality for green lawn in LA due to desalination and modest greenhouse gas emissions compared to a brown landscape.

Several Fortune 500 companies have used the metric, Quality Enhanced Life Days (QELD), for decision making and promotion

Life Quality and ESG

Buy Kleenex to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

A McIlvaine article in the next International Filtration News will discuss ESG and the positive approach as it applies to the filtration industry and specifically to Kimberly Clark. Its products make life quality better for billions of people. These benefits can be quantified in the same manner as pollution reductions.

There is another dimension which is carbon negative technology. It reduces  the CO2 in the atmosphere.  Waste to energy plants with carbon capture and sequestration or sale are being built with the blessing of the United Nations. About 20% of the waste including Kleenex is classified as biomass. Trees absorb CO2. Oxygen is emitted and the carbon ends up in the Kleenex. If the CO2 released when combusting the Kleenex is captured and sequestered, the process is carbon negative.

Sequestration is Not a Major Problem

The largest BECCS plants will use wood chips and not garbage. The Drax unit in the UK is 4000 MW. Sequestration of the CO2 is being coordinated into a multi facility pipeline to the North Sea. Companies can add CO2 to the total or extract it. This shared pipeline option makes the cost of CCS less for small and medium producers.

Long term storage is not a big problem. There is ample storage capacity for 100 years. The bigger challenge is transport. The shared pipeline is a good solution.

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