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No. 189   February 17, 2022


Connecting People with Hydrogen and Biopharma Knowledge

Connect Things and People! So Why Not knowledge

With the internet we are progressing with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Physical and virtual communication tools insure easy contact. We are making great progress in connecting things and people but not knowledge.

What good is a sensor which is not connected to a control device? What can a person contribute if he does not have the needed knowledge?

If a great analysis is not available or its importance easily digested, it has lost its value. Magazines and associations are doing a good job of posting important knowledge on line. But like the unconnected sensor, knowledge needs to be utilized and debated or questioned. Just as a sensor in a control system needs to be checked, knowledge needs the input of the “wise crowd”.

This organized approach to utilizing knowledge is called the Industrial Internet of Wisdom.  If suppliers, consultants, media, and purchasers are all connected in a causation loop, the EBITA of suppliers rises and the costs of ownership decreases

Reducing AWE Product Cost of Ownership While Increasing Supplier EBITA

Relevant Hydrogen and Other Information Each Week in the Alert

Below are the headlines in the 30 page weekly Alert issued Friday. It covers a range of topics all dealing with air, water, and energy products used in he power industry. It is designed for suppliers and consultants to move from the headlines to the articles of most interest. There is also a search engine with multi word capability which allows you to zero in on a specific subject in any of the 1556 issues.

The Alert is supplied as part of the tracking system which has details on all the plants




#1556– February 11, 2022


Table of Contents




·        $30 Billion Market for Air, Water, Energy Products for Hydrogen Production by 2030

·        Air Pollution Control is Checkers, but Climate Change is Chess




·        A Legal Agreement May End The Plan For US West Coast Coal Port




·        Rare Earth Elements Await in Waste

·        Dubai Announces Aim of Converting Hassyan Plant to Run on Gas




·      Natural Resource Partners L.P Enters into COSequestration Agreement with Denbury

·     Aker Carbon Capture and Dan-Unity COto Explore Solutions For Maritime Transport of CO2




·        U.S.  Funding for Biomass  to Hydrogen Research

·        Zero Carbon Number Moving Forward

·        Georgia Power Planning More Gas Turbines, Long Term Storage and Hydrogen

·        Cryostar Liquid Hydrogen Pumps are Fully Submersible

·        Habonim Valves Used for Hydrogen Fuel in Space Rockets as Well as Industrial

·        Mitsubishi Power Signs Purchase Contract With HydrogenPro For Large Scale Electrolyzer System

·        Clariant Supplies Novel AmoMax®  Plus Catalyst for Ground-Breaking Green Ammonia Project in Oman

·        Yara and Linde Engineering Agree to Build a 24 MW Green Hydrogen Demonstration Plant in Norway

·        Yara Growth Ventures joins Temasek, Horizons Ventures, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures with Investment in Israeli Green Hydrogen Startup, H2Pro

·        Haldor Topsoe and Acron Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Develop Green Technologies

·        TDK Ventures Invests in Green Hydrogen-Electrolysis Startup Verdagy

·        Heliogen Awarded Exclusive Right to Lease Brenda Solar Energy Zone for Green Hydrogen Production

·        Aker Clean Hydrogen: Fourth-Quarter Results 2021

·        Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides Efficient Air Filtration for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

·        Coal-Free Steel Plans Accelerate in Europe




·        Biomass to Gas Project Has Low Carbon Footprint

·        AAK to Install Two 18 MW Biomass Boilers at Danish Plant




·        Emirati, Saudi Firms in Deal to Convert Hassyan Power Plant to Gas

·        APR Energy Enters Brazilian Market with EPP Gas Generation Project in Rio de Janeiro



·        Wärtsilä to Supply 110 MW of Flexible Thermal Balancing Power to Support Italy’s Increasing Focus on Sustainable Energy

·        UGL awarded $185M Contract for New Snowy Hydro Power Plant




·        45-MW Dandora Landfill Power Plant Installation Plan Gets Nods from KenGen and NMS




·        Wärtsilä to Optimize and Decarbonize Gold Mine Power Station in Suriname With 7.8 MW / 7.8 MWh Energy Storage System

·        Powin Signs 5.8 GWh of Supply Agreements for Major Battery Energy Storage Build Out

·        SDG&E Approved to Add Three Energy Storage Facilities to Strengthen Summer Grid Reliability and Advance Clean Energy Goals




·        Copper Valley Electric Partners with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation to perform Feasibility Study of a Micro Modular Reactor (MMR®) Energy System in Alaska




·        GE Signs an Exclusive Agreement to Sell Part of Steam Power’s Nuclear Activities to EDF




Pharma Prospects Tracks all the Biopharma Technical and Project Activity

Biopharmaceutical companies are looking for much faster construction of facilities and then much faster switching from product to product. The reasons are very high priced small quantities and a short patent protected life.

AES Clean addresses the construction time with a new approach. Design becomes as simple as mixing and matching separate components to create the most efficient, custom facility—with each component designed to connect together as a fully integrated, climate-controlled cleanroom. Faciliflex Module reduces customer risks to both production and timelines.

Relative to shortening the turn around time between products single use filters, valves, pumps and bioreactors  have been developed. The weekly Pharma Prospects follows all the new technology and new projects such as the $ billion Lily project in North Carolina.

Below are the headlines in the latest weekly edition. For more information click on

Pharma Prospects

(Plants and projects with flow and treat insights)

February 8, 2022



•      Esco installs two-glove isolator for chemotherapy preparation

•      POSS Airborne Disinfection System – a new standard

•      Power Voice System: the first isolator with integrated voice commands

•      Hi-tech packaging specialist opens 10,000 sqft Class 6 cleanroom

•      FDA Purchases Software from Waters to Support its Medical Testing Labs

•      CNC Machining for the Medical Industry

•      Onward and Upward for Single-Use Systems in Bioprocessing


•      Transforming therapeutic cleanroom design

•      Validair improves microbiological detection algorithm

•      Quality control infrastructure needs critical modernization

•      Lilly to invest $1B in new plant in North Carolina

•      Is the compendia-recommended micro-organism test panel truly representative?

•      Modular cleanroom work finishes for Expression Manufacturing


•      Cleanroom specialist Modular Devices Inc gets major new investor

•      Everything You Need to Know About Building A Cleanroom: ISO Class Prefab Hardwall Cleanroom Design

•      J&J Medical Devices Biz Achieves Double-Digit Growth in 2021