Value Propositions - Participants

Number Company Industry Product Value Proposition
2001 AES Clean Cell and gene Cleanroom Facilflex pre-designed modular rooms maximize flexibility and reduce project time and cost

IDEX Viking Pump Chocolate internal gear pump The unique variations of the pumps and seals have been created over many decades to ensure that chocolate product quality is maintained during transfer while at the same time creating the lowest true cost of this process
2002 MHI Power-biomass Absorber Highly efficient CO2 absorber for carbon negative electricity
2003 MHI Power-coal Absorber Double contact absorber for FGD has higher efficiency and proven performance advantages
2004 CWS Biopharmaceuticals Cleanroom cleaning With a wide range of services CWS is your best option for cleaning
2005 CWS All Cleanroom consumables CWS is the leading choice in Benelux for cleanroom consumables