How to use the Hub

The goal is to increase supplier EBITDA while reducing costs for purchasers. This is achieved by applying the best solutions to the purchaser’s needs. This entails

The role of the Mcilvaine Company is to act as a catalyst to help suppliers determine the niches where they can provide the best solution and help them communicate their value propositions to prospects.

It is essential that both supplier and purchaser have some idea of the size of the sub niche which covers the purchaser’s needs.  If his needs are the same as others, he does not have to compromise his goals due to the cost of customization. Also, the optimum niche may be a package. e.g., product plus instrumentation and this needs to be quantified.

So even though the specific Mcilvaine niche forecasts are confidential and are funded by supplier clients, generalized analyses can be made available to the purchasers.  For example, the market for a prepackaged skid with filters, pumps, valves, piping and instrumentation may be the focus of the best value proposition.

This Hub is utilizing research to further the productivity of the industry but relying on the funding of individual supplier clients.

The question of why lots of valuable information can be accessed by competitors as well as clients and purchasers is answered by the reality that the best value proposition is a relative one and needs to take into account the competition.

The Mcilvaine catalyst role includes working with the media to communicate facts and factors which are the basis for value propositions. Mcilvaine has provided feature articles on “True Costs” in every issue of International Filtration News in recent years. Articles appear in each issue of Valve World Americas, Pump Engineer, Hose & Coupling World, and Stainless Steel World Americas. Past articles in these magazines plus articles appearing elsewhere are available directly on the Hub.

A representative Value Propositions Database has brief value propositions for many companies.

A supplier funded Value Proposition database has detailed analyses submitted by Mcilvaine Clients.

An exhibitor database indicates potential choices for purchasers and competition for suppliers.

An acquisition database tracks the important changes in ownership which are shaping the AWE industry.